The Speaking Treatment podcast


They are two human beings that decided to create a podcast. But before that happened, in a land not too far away, they began their journey together. Justin and Alexandra Grant met the first time when Justin (CEO of Branding Mafia & Author of Rise To Power) tried to talk to Alex because he thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. He was right about the part of her being the most beautiful woman ever but he was wrong about her having the same desire to talk to him. His dream of taking her on a date was shut down faster than The Golden State during a Covid-19 outbreak. But alas, his hopes and dreams weren’t completely dashed. After a few more (QUITE a few more) attempts at landing his princess’ heart, she finally gave him a chance (or cast all of her standards aside; the jury is still out). Whatever the final verdict is, it worked out in his favor and she seems pretty content with the decision because they met, went on some dates, fell in love, blended their two families consisting of 6 children, added another baby via USPS (Unbelievable Sex, Pregnancy Subsequently) and then they did it again one more time (Pregnancy, not the other – They did the other… A LOT) 

In between doing the other a lot, they decided they needed something else to occupy their time. So, they took up going to Sip ‘n Paint classes but after learning they were only good at half of the class, they created a podcast. 

To this day, they still have yet to learn how to paint. 

With Justin’s business background and Alex’s wisdom on motherhood and marriage, they decided to join forces and create the best podcast known to man… and woman. 

We are proud to present to you, The Speaking Treatment. A podcast about marriage, business, being married to a workaholic, dating your spouse, blending a family without (literally, figuratively, and intentionally) pureeing one of the children, step-parenting, virtual learning during Covid, keeping the spark closer to a forest fire, and everything in between.